Dan Clews Supports HOPEHIV

July 8, 2015

A word about our charity partner.
10% of the money raised via my Pledge Campaign (http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/danclews) will be donated to HOPEHIV.




HOPEHIV is about the generation of hope. We support children and young people in sub-Saharan Africa who have been orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS. Rather than dismissing them as helpless victims, we believe they have the potential to lead change in their families, communities and countries and create a better future for Africa
An idea of what elements of HOPEHIV’s work different amounts could fund:

£1 – Would give a copy of the Ugandan Children’s Act to a member of a Child Rights Club
£2 – Could provide a year’s worth of emotional and social support to an orphan or vulnerable child in Kenya through weekly kids club meetings
£20 – Could train one vulnerable young person or orphan guardian in Tanzania entrepreneurship and money management
£55 – Would pay for a place on an accredited 3 month IT and job skills course for a former child soldier in Uganda
£100 – Would buy a sewing machine or carpentry tool kit plus start-up materials for a vocational training graduate in Malawi
£250 – Could provide play therapy material for 300 street children in South Africa (writing/chart paper, stationery, crayons, paints, clay, play dough)
£700 – Could expand and improve a community garden in Zimbabwe by providing fencing, water pipes, seeds and tools, thereby enhancing food security for 425 children

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